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Learn COUNTRY PAINTING with Countryisa!

The style of Country Painting that fascinates and warms up.

Learn Country Painting in the comfort of your home HOW? read below…

he Video Course of Country Painting for You! How can I improve in the shades of Shadows and Lights? What are the right tools to really help me get the best results in just a few steps?Video corso country painting

Through the realization, together, of this amazing project by Maxine Thomas entitled ‘Bee Kind’

You can choose whether to paint it on a wooden document holder (A4 format) to be placed on the desk or a wooden cabinet (also in A4 format) to hang on the wall.

From beginning to end all the steps explained with simplicity, you will realize this beautiful project. Guaranteed!

This ‘Video Teaching’ was Authorized by the copyright author Maxine Thomas

This little bear is so beautiful! If you look into his eyes, he seems to follow you with his eyes even if you move.

It will be so fun to paint it that you want to make others, for me it was like that!

With my Country Painting tips you will be able to immediately capture all the important elements to improve immediately and get an excellent painting.
Do not hesitate to contact me to ask for info and explanations. I’m always happy to teach and help get a great result. with my painting tips.

country painting beekind


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