Mixed Media

Mixed Media – about memixed media, mix media, mix media art

I recently approached the Mixed Media world, I was very intrigued by these colors mixed together, sprayed, transparent and veiled, compact and in relief, combined with the collage of paper, cloth, buttons, elements of various nature, stamps

My curiosity and the propensity to preserve everything and collect everything as a memory, my passion for recycling and matching materials, different styles, has been a passage due and almost waited for a long time.
It is difficult not to be caught, the use of a wide variety of products, such as gypsum and inks, cut-outs and photos, glues and colors, on generic media such as paper, wood, canvas.
The mixed media embraces a huge world of genres that gives space to its expression at 360 degrees. Often combined with other decorative techniques, it takes other names but is basically a mixture of genres and techniques; otherwise called Mixed Technique.

Personally Mixed Media is all that is created by combining and mixing different materials and techniques with each other in the same work of art, making it harmonious in colors and shapes.

The main purpose in using this technique is the strong component of personal expression, which gives character and uniqueness to the piece. There are no fixed rules to follow or a pattern.

It is precisely for this reason that it is very funny, personal and symbolic.

For some artists there is a clear distinction between drawing and painting. The first is a dry process, involving pencil, pen or coal, and the other involves fresh paint and brushes. In reality there are no rules. Any support you have is valid support, although with some you will be better off than others.

mixed media art - countryisa

mixed media girl - countryisa

mixed media- julieryder

The preparation of the background is what gives the first impact of character to the piece, gradually becoming each step and building and enriching itself through the inclusion of other elements.

Pastel on a watercolor can help to emphasize lines and shapes. A bit of acrylic paint in a charcoal or pencil drawing can add a color shock to an otherwise black and white composition.

We often see collages as a technique in itself, in which the entire work consists of pieces cut from paper or fabric. However, it can be combined with many forms of painting and drawing to add visual interest to a work of art.

It is important to familiarize yourself with glues that work with different types of materials and paints. One of the most durable ways to adhere paper or fabric on acrylics is acrylic gel or opaque medium, both are pasty acrylic pastes that block a piece of paper or fabric for a painting (as long as it is acrylic or watercolor) by painting the substance on both sides of the object to be affixed. We decide when the piece is finally finished!

There are many ways to interpret Mixed Media and it is not possible to list them all!
It is within everyone’s reach, it is perfect for those who want to do something new but not too demanding both in terms of time and attention.

The best way to start this mixed technique is to keep an open mind and experiment!