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Watercolor is a painting technique that involves the use of finely ground pigments mixed with a binder, diluted in water. The watercolor is a popular technique for its speed and for the easy transportability of the materials, which have made it the technique par excellence of those who paint traveling and in the open air.

Watercolor is composed essentially of one or more pigments combined or suspended in a binder, generally gum arabic.

Watercolors are commercially available in different formats

There are also ready palettes containing tablets of dry watercolor, to be moistened with the brush.

mezzi godet – countryisa
  1. past: sold in squeezed tubes, usually 5 or 15 ml
  2. solid: it is watercolor dried and extruded in long strips and then cut into small blocks called godet or half godet depending on the size. Being solid they are more practical for traveling or outdoor use. My favorites are godet media, those in the picture are very thin and professional level Sminke Horadams, you can find them of different lines by degrees, for beginners, therefore cheaper than the more expensive and super professional ones.
  3. liquid: recently introduced on the market, they can be used pure or diluted and are suitable for use with airbrush, ink, ecoline, etc.

The most used support for this technique is paper, which is preferably used with a high percentage of pure cotton, as the long fiber of this vegetable does not change in contact with water.

My favorite is:

Canson Moulin du Roy 100% Cotone da 300gr.

or in diaries or Art Book, but also on photocopy paper to create and make proofs!

The watercolor techniques are:

  1. For superimposed glazes, which, in addition to giving strength and shade to the color itself, give the preparatory drawing, usually done in light pencil, the pictorial depth useful for representing volumes, shadows and light;
  2. Wet-on-wet paint: that is to say the spreading of the colored pigment carried out on the previously wet paper sheet so that the colors spread, flowing and giving a suffused appearance to the painting;
  3. Wet-on-dry paint: in which the pigment is spread after being dissolved with a sufficient amount of water to make it run on the dry sheet.

Execution is in itself a very refined technique, since execution errors (almost always due to lack of dexterity), with difficulty, and unlike other painting techniques, can be corrected by simply overlapping other colors. In fact the color is transparent and does not hide the underlying layer.


Characteristic of a good watercolor is the extreme representative ‘lightness’ and its expressive immediacy, which, precisely from the Renaissance onwards, became an essential tool for the preparatory studies of the great masters and great works; was a technique also used by land surveyors for the drafting of cabrei.

It has also been used effectively in the technical drawing, where for example it takes on particular importance to represent, the consistency and the typology of the various construction elements, according to generally coded colors.